Arthur Johnson plays with his daughter


Directed by                       D.W. Griffith
Cinematography by         Arthur Marvin
Starring                             Arthur V. Johnson, Linda Arvidson,  Gladys Egan, Charles Inslee
Distributed by                   Biograph Company
Release date                      July 14, 1908
Country                             United States
Running time                    12 m.


"The Adventures of Dollie" is a short crime drama directed by D.W. Griffith, featuring Arthur V. Johnson, a star of Silent Hall of Fame.

This is the very first film directed by D.W. Griffith, who later became known as "The father of film".  We are lucky that this film survives and we can see his very beginnings as a master filmmaker.  In this film he already shows a flare for the dramatic, something he perfected in his more than 500 works.

Arthur V. Johnson enjoys a nice day with his family when trouble occurs.  A gypsy tries to sell a basket to Arthur's wife.  She is not interested, but the man keeps annoying her, which prompts the intervention of Arthur, who defends his family and drives the man away.  The gypsy returns later and kidnaps Arthur's little girl.  Arthur V. Johnson gives chase, but his daughter cannot be found.



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