Arthur Johnson plays the minister


Directed by                       D.W. Griffith
Cinematography by         Billy Bitzer, Arthur Marvin
Starring                             Owen Moore, Violet Mersereau, Herbert Prior, Linda Arvidson, Arthur Johnson
Distributed by                   Biograph Company
Release date                      May 27, 1909
Country                             United States
Running time                    12 m.


"The Cricket on the Hearth" is a short drama directed by D.W. Griffith. The film is included in our program to illustrate the work of two of our stars: actor Arthur Johnson and cinematographer Billy Bitzer.

The film is based on the novella "The Cricket on the Hearth" by Charles Dickens. Arthur Johnson plays the role of the minister. 

The film does not have intertitles.

A young man leaves his girlfriend to make a fortune at sea.  Upon his return he finds out that she is about to marry an older man.  He decides to check if his girlfriend loves her husband to be, and goes back home in disguise.  He confides in his sister, but both are seen hugging by the bridegroom, who reports the incident to his sister's husband. In the meantime the young man is reassured in his girlfriend, they find a minister and get married.  The sister's husband is also reassured in his wife.  The ex-bridegroom accepts his inevitable fate and congratulates the newlyweds.



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