Florence Lawrence


Directed by                       D.W. Griffith
Cinematography by         Billy Bitzer
Starring                             David Miles, Florence Lawrence, Gladys Egan and Adele DeGarde (children), Arthur V. Johnson
Distributed by                   Biograph Company
Release date                      June 3, 1909
Country                             United States
Running time                    12 m.


"What Drink Did" is a short drama directed by D.W. Griffith based on the novel "Ten Nights in a Bar-Room and What I Saw There" by Timothy Shay Arthur.  The film is included in our program to illustrate the work of three of our stars: actress Florence Lawrence, actor Arthur V. Johnson and cinematographer Billy Bitzer.


"What Drink Did", A Thoughtful Moral Lesson, is story about how excessive drinking can lead to tragedy.  Florence Lawrence has a central part in the film, while Arthur V. Johnson plays a smaller role as a bartender.



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