Arthur V Johnson in A Strange Meeting 1909 director DW Griffith cinematographer Billy Bitzer 00

    Arthur Johnson


Directed by                       D.W. Griffith
Cinematography by         Billy Bitzer
Starring                             Arthur Johnson, Stephanie Longfellow, Henry B. Walthall
Distributed by                   Biograph Company
Release date                      August 2, 1909
Country                             United States
Running time                    12 m.


"A Strange Meeting" is a short drama directed by D.W. Griffith.  The film is included in our program to illustrate the work of two of our stars: actor Arthur Johnson and cinematographer Billy Bitzer.


A woman who takes part in robbing a preacher faces her demons. Will she repent and make amends?



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Kate Bruce and Arthur V Johnson in A Strange Meeting 1909 01

   Kate Bruce and Arthur Johnson