Robert Harron


Directed by                        D.W. Griffith
Produced by                       Biograph Company
Cinematography               G.W. Bitzer
Starring                              George Nichols, Robert Harron, Florence La Badie, Kate Bruce
Distributed by                    The General Film Company
Release date                       June 29, 1911
Running time                     11 min.
Country                              United States
Language                            Silent, English intertitles

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"Fighting Blood" is a short Western directed by D. W. Griffith. This film illustrates the work of 3 stars of Silent Hall of Fame - actress Florence La Badie, actor Robert Harron and cinematographer Billy Bitzer.

"Fighting Blood" seems to be the film in which a 18 year old Robert Harron plays his first leading role.


A Civil War veteran has settled in Dakota with his family.  Every day he organizes "military" drills for his army, consisting of a dozen children from teenagers to toddlers.  One evening he has a fight with his oldest son Richard (Robert Harron) to make him stay home.  Richard leaves nonetheless, and rides to the home of his girlfriend (Florence La Badie).  

On the way back he notices that Indians are attacking neighboring  farms.  He rushes to warn his girlfriend's family, takes her to his home, and gallops to bring help chased by the enemy.

The veteran's military training comes handy as the whole population is mobilized for the home's defense.  Will friendly troops, alerted by Richard, arrive in time?


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 Florence La Badie and Robert Harron in Fighting Blood 1911 director DW Griffith cinematographer Billy Bitzer 7

   Robert Harron and Florence La Badie


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