Robert Harron


Directed by               D. W. Griffith
Produced by             Biograph Company
Scenario by               D. W. Griffith, Frank E. Woods          
Based on                    play Judith of Bethulia by Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Starring                     Blanche Sweet, Henry B. Walthall, Mae Marsh, Robert Harron
Cinematography       Billy Bitzer
Editing by                  James Smith
Distributed by           General Film Company
Release date               March 8, 1914
Running time             48 min.
Country                      United States
Language                    Silent film, English intertitles


"Judith of Bethulia" is a historical drama, included in our program to illustrate the work of two of our stars: actor Robert Harron and cinematographer Billy Bitzer.


When an enemy army besieges the city and its citizens are doomed without food and water, its most prominent resident Judith makes a desperate and risky move to save her people.

The film enjoys a strong rating in IMDB.


Judith of Bethulia (1914) on IMDb



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Henry Walthall and Blanche Sweet in Judith of Bethulia 1914 director DW Griffith cinematographer Billy Bitzer 12

   Henry B. Walthall and Blanche Sweet