Shirley Mason and her elder sister in life Viola Dana


Directed by              Ashley Miller (uncredited)
Written by               Ethel Browning
Starring                    Robert Conness, Miriam Nesbitt, Shirley Mason (as Leonie Flugrath), John Sturgeon, Mary Fuller, Viola Dana
Produced by             Edison Company
Distributed by          General Film Company
Release date              February 23, 1912
Running time            13 m.
Country                     United States
Language                   Silent, English intertitles


"Children Who Labor" is a short social drama produced for The National Child Labor Committee. We have included this film in our program to illustrate the work and contributions of our star Shirley Mason.

An 11 y.o. Shirley Mason has a child's role in the film. Nonetheless seeing her in any role is a rarity that must be appreciated considering that very few of her films survive.



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Shirley Mason in Children Who Labor 1912 16

   Shirley Mason  makes a stand