Maurice Costello and Florence Turner in When Persistency and Obstinacy Meet 1912 

     Maurice Costello and Florence Turner

Directed by                         Van Dyke Brooke
Produced by                       Vitagraph Company of America
Scenario by                         unknown
Cinematography                unknown
Starring                               Maurice Costello, Florence Turner
Distributed by                    General Film Company
Release date                        October 9, 1912
Running time                      15 min.
Country                               United States
Language                             Silent, Dutch intertitles

"When Persistency and Obstinacy Meet" is a short comedy. This film illustrates the work of Florence Turner, a star of Silent Hall of Fame.

You can warch the film below. It has Dutch intertitles, but this will not cause a major inconvenience, because the action is self-explanatory.