Robert Harron in Her Terrible Ordeal 1911 director DW Griffith cinematographer Billy Bitzer 000 

   Robert Harron is the man on the right talking to the station clerk

Directed by                         D.W. Griffith
Produced by                       Biograph Company
Cinematography                G.W. Bitzer
Starring                              George Nichols, Owen Moore, Florence Barker, Anthony O'Sullivan, Robert Harron
Distributed by                    Biograph Company
Release date                       January 10, 1910
Running time                     12 min.
Country                              United States
Language                            Silent, English intertitles

"Her Terrible Ordeal" is a short crime drama directed by D. W. Griffith. This film illustrates the work of our stars cinematographer Billy Bitzer and Robert Harron.

Robert Harron plays a man at the station waiting for a train.

An office girl is locked in a vault by a passing salesman who becomes a robber.  Her beau discovers her predicament, but cannot to unlock the door. The odds seem against the girl. Her man is desperate to find the manager, who left to catch a train and who is the only one that knows the combination. Will the race against the clock save the girl, who is running out of time and oxygen?



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