Robert Harron in A Temporary Truce 1912 director DW Griffith cinematographer Billy Bitzer 00 

   Robert Harron

Directed by                       D.W. Griffith
Cinematography by         Billy Bitzer, Arthur Marvin
Starring                             Charles H. Mailes, Robert Harron, Charles Gorman, Claire McDowell, Blanche Sweet
Distributed by                   Biograph Company
Release date                      June 10, 1912
Country                             United States
Running time                    16 m.


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"A Temporary Truce" is a short Western and an Indian drama directed by D.W. Griffith, featuring our stars Billy Bitzer and Robert Harron.

A Mexican is thrown out of a bar by a young prospector and swears to get even.  Later he kidnaps the prospector's wife. In the meantime a group of drunkards shoot and kill an old Indian man. His son (Robert Harron) vows revenge and asks the tribal chief for help. The chief, however, knows better and tells him that revenge is useless. Robert Harron disobeys and mobilizes all young warriors for battle.

The plot thickens. The prospector and the Mexican, who holds his wife captive, start shooting each other.  However, when the Indians attack, these two make a temporary truce and join forces against the common enemy.

We trust that silent film lovers will not judge harshly the quality of the print.  Many early D.W. Griffith films are only available in a paper print format, and we are all very lucky that they have survived the trials of time for us to enjoy.


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Robert Harron in A Temporary Truce 1912 director DW Griffith cinematographer Billy Bitzer 12 

   Robert Harron appeals for revenge


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