Florence La Badie


We have included this film in our program to illustrate the work and contributions of our star Florence La Badie.


"The Portrait of Lady Anne" is a nice short fantasy film produced by Thanhouser.  Florence La Badie plays the role of a beautiful, but very capricious young woman in two different time periods.

In 1770 Florence La Badie as Lady Anne has her portrait made, and she shows it with excitement to her father.  Then a soldier, to whom she is betrothed, comes visiting.  They have a good time until she gets into a jealous fit, throws the engagement ring and walks away.  He goes to war and dies, but not before writing her a letter with the words "You will regret this all your life".  This is exactly what happens, as Florence La Badie is filled with remorse ever after.

Forward to 1912.  Florence La Badie is a young woman, a descendant of Lady Anne.  She entertains her suitor and guests at her house, with the portrait of Lady Anne hanging on the wall.  The same thing occurs all over again: she becomes jealous and breaks up with her man. 

But the spirit of Lady Anne is troubled and she wants to make sure that her descendant marries the man she loves, avoiding her own stupid mistake.  The ghost of Lady Anne steps out of the portrait and patches things up with the man.  Florence La Badie sees the empty frame on the wall and realizes that her ancestress is trying to help her.  She returns to her man.

The film is notable for its very rich costumes and beautiful sets.  Florence La Badie was the leading actress of Thanhouser from 1911 until her untimely death in 1917 at the age of 29. 


A special acknowledgement

Let's all give our thanks to Ned Thanhouser for the outstanding work he has done for the past 25+ years in archives around the globe to acquire and publish on DVD and online Thanhouser films starring Florence La Badie. 

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