Florence La Badie


Directed by                    Lucius Henderson
Produced by                  Thanhouser Company
Written by                     Robert Louis Stevenson (novel)
Starring                         James Cruze, Florence La Badie
Release date                   January 16, 1912
Running time                 12 minutes (One-Reel film)
Country                          United States
Language                        Silent film


"Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" is a short horror drama, based on the story of Robert Louis Stevenson. It is included in our program to illustrate the work and contributions of our star Florence La Badie.

The white-haired Dr. Jekyll is curious to experiment with a drug that can separate man into two beings - one representing good and the other evil.  He drinks the concoction and converts into a black-haired beast of a man with talons and fangs. He is immediately horrified, takes the antidote and becomes his normal self again.

Curiosity is stronger, however, and he keeps making the conversion periodically.  The evil alter ego becomes known as Mr. Hyde, but of course nobody suspects that he and the doctor are the same person.  Mr. Hyde does all kinds of bad things with impunity until one day he attacks his girlfriend, played by Florence La Badie. 

The evil half of the doctor is thus exposed and he is unable to resume his "normal" personality as all the antidote is gone.   In the end Dr. Jekyll gets more than he bargained for with his ill-fated experiment.


A special acknowledgement

Let's all give our thanks to Ned Thanhouser for the outstanding work he has done for the past 25+ years in archives around the globe to acquire and publish on DVD and online Thanhouser films starring Florence La Badie. 

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