Florence Turner


We have included this film in our program to illustrate the work and contributions of our star Florence Turner.


"Twelfth Night" (1910), produced by Vitagraph and directed by Charles Kent, is a short film based on the comedy of Shakespeare. 

Viola (Florence Turner) is saved after a shipwreck and ends up dressed in man's clothes in the domains of a certain duke.  Viola becomes his servant and one day is asked to take a letter to duke's love interest Olivia.  The latter, seeing a boy bring the message, suddenly falls in love with Viola. 

Viola seems in trouble and doesn't know how to dissipate the tension in the air, but gets help from an unexpected source.  All of a sudden her twin brother, thought lost at sea, shows up.  All identities are revealed, all misunderstandings sorted out and everybody finds someone to love.



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Florence Turner in Twelfth Night 1910 3

   Florence Turner