Mae Marsh and Robert Harron


Directed by               Lloyd Ingraham
Produced by             The Fine Arts Film Company
Scenario by               Granville Warwick (D.W. Griffith)          
Based on                    a screen story by Granville Warwick (D.W. Griffith)
Starring                     Mae Marsh, Robert Harron
Distributed by           Triangle Film Corporation
Release date               March 26, 1916
Running time             64 min.
Country                      United States
Language                    Silent film, English intertitles

"Hoodoo Ann" is a comedy-drama, included in our program to illustrate the work of our star Robert Harron.


Ann (Mae Marsh) is a young girl living in an orphanage who was left there one Friday, the thirteenth.  Whether for this reason, or not, she is shunned by the other girls and disliked by the administrators. She is told during a palm reading that a curse will hang over her until she is married.

In the same town lives Jimmie (Robert Harron ), a young aspiring artist.  He gets no encouragement from his father, who one day tells him "If you think you are an artist, paint the fence."

Things change for the better for Ann when one night a fire breaks out in the orphanage and she saves the favorite girl by carrying her out of the burning building to safety.  Jimmie witnesses the fire and takes a good look at Ann.  Everybody sees her as a heroine and she is adopted by a kindly childless elderly couple.

Ann and Jimmie start a romance. One day he takes her to a "movin' pitcher", where she is very impressed by the action in a Western film.  After returning home she does some role playing and accidentally fires a shot with a gun that was not supposed to be loaded.  She traces the bullet through a hole in the wall and into the neighbor's house.  She then peeks inside and sees the elderly neighbor lying on the floor.  

Ann is horrified for accidentally killing her neighbor.  When Jimmie proposes marriage she tell him that she must not give him the reasons why, but she cannot marry him. She believes that a curse will hang over her all her life.

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