Bert Williams


Directed by                         Bert Williams
Produced by                       Biograph Company
Scenario by                         Bert Williams
Cinematography                Billy Bitzer
Starring                              Bert Williams
Distributed by                    General Film Company
Release date                       July 24, 1916
Running time                     23 min.
Country                              United States
Language                            Silent, English intertitles



"A Natural Born Gambler" is a short comedy starring Bert Williams. This film illustrates the work of our star cinematographer Billy Bitzer.


Bert Williams was a major Broadway comedian.  He was invited by Biograph to write, direct and star in two films, with "A Natural Born Gambler" being the better one by all accounts.

Bert Williams loves poker and is on the verge of winning big (with the help of cheating) when the police intervenes and he is thrown in jail. There he has a dream of playing a poker hand, but will he win or will he lose?



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   Bert Williams carries an associate suffering from gout