Jack Hoxie in Blue Blazes Rawden 1918 00 

   Jack Hoxie


Directed by                         William S. Hart
Produced by                       Artcraft Pictures Corporation
Scenario by                         J.G. Hawks
Cinematography                Joseph H. August
Starring                               William S. Hart, Robert McKim, Jack Hoxie, Gertrude Claire, Maude George
Distributed by                    Paramount Pictures
Release date                        February 1, 1918
Running time                      51 min.
Country                               United States
Language                             Silent, English intertitles


'Blue Blazes' Rawden is a drama about lumberjack country.  This film illustrates the work of Jack Hoxie, a star of Silent Hall of Fame.


A tough lumberjack is challenged by a saloon owner and kills him, winning the property and the former owner's girlfriend. Later the killed man's mother arrives and the new boss has to confront his demons as he is forced to invent false stories.

In this film Jack Hoxie still goes by the name Hart Hoxie, which he would change the following year, 1919, to become one of the most famous luminaries of Westerns.



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William Hart and Jack Hoxie in Blue Blazes Rawden 1918 16

   William Hart and Jack Hoxie