Jack Hoxie in The Man from Tia Juana 1917 00

   Jack Hoxie


Directed by                         James W. Horne
Produced by                       Kalem
Scenario by                         unknown
Cinematography                unknown
Starring                               Marin Sais, Edward Hearn, Jack Hoxie
Distributed by                    General Film Company
Release date                        July 1, 1917
Running time                      20 min.
Country                               United States
Language                             Silent, English intertitles


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"The Man from Tia Juana" is a short Western.  This film illustrates the work of Jack Hoxie, a star of Silent Hall of Fame.


A bank clerk steals $20,000 in bonds and frames another employee. Jack Hoxie plays the sheriff.

In this film Jack Hoxie still goes by the name Hart Hoxie, which he would change in 1919 to become one of the most famous luminaries of Westerns. The leading lady in "The Man from Tia Juana", Marin Sais, would become Jack Hoxie's first wife three years later.


Jack Hoxie in The Man from Tia Juana 1917 02

   Jack Hoxie


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