Robert Harron


Directed by               D. W. Griffith
Produced by             D. W. Griffith
Scenario by               Marian Fremont          
Based on                    a screen story by Marian Fremont
Starring                     Lillian Gish, Robert Harron
Cinematography       Billy Bitzer
Editing by                  James Smith
Distributed by           Artcraft Pictures Corporation
Release date               June 1, 1919
Running time             86 min
Country                      United States
Language                    Silent film, English intertitles


The film "True Heart Susie" (1919) is a drama, included in our program to illustrate the work of two of our stars: actor Robert Harron and cinematographer Billy Bitzer.


Susie (Lillian Gish) is a plain schoolgirl secretly in love with her handsome neighbor Bill (Robert Harron).  She follows him around and he enjoys her company, but can't find the courage to kiss her.  When Susie finds out that Bill wants to go to college, she sacrifices the dearest thing she and her aunt have - their cow - to gather the money for his education.

Bill is thrilled when he receives a letter from an unknown benefactor, telling him that his tuition is paid.  His letters from college give Susie a lot of hope, as it appears that Bill likes most the people from his hometown.  Her hopes get a boost when upon his return Bill takes her out and buys her ice-cream.  Her hopes are further cemented when, looking at a couple of city girls, Bill makes a comment that men like to flirt with such girls, but they marry the simple ones. 

One day, however, Bill meets one such painted and powdered city girl and falls for her charms, without knowing that she just wants to marry someone and talking to her aunt calls him contemptuously "a country punk".  Bettina (Clarine Seymour) proves irresistible and Bill marries her, leaving Susie heartbroken. 

Bill's marriage is not a happy one, however, and soon dramatic events occur that turn his world upside down and make him take a hard look at Susie, this simple neighborhood girl that has waited for his kiss all life long.

The film enjoys a nice rating in IMDB.


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    Robert Harron and Lillian Gish