Victor Seastrom and Tore Svennberg


Directed by                     Victor Sjöström (Seastrom)
Produced by                   Charles Magnusson
Scenario                         Victor Seastrom
Based on                         the novel by Selma Lagerlof
Starring                          Victor Seastrom, Tore Svennberg, Astrid Holm, Hilda Borgstrom
Cinematography            J. Julius
Distributed by                Metro Pictures Corporation (US)
Release date                    June 4, 1922
Running time                  106 minutes
Country                           Sweden
Language                         Silent film


"The Phantom Carriage" is a critically acclaimed drama, featuring director Victor Seastrom, a star of Silent Hall of Fame.

Victor Seastrom is both the leading star of the film and its director.  He was successful in his native Sweden before making a career in the USA in 1924-1930.  His Hollywood films are still copyrighted, this is why we show you films from his previous years.


A mean-spirited alcoholic drives his wife and little children away.  Then one New Year's eve dramatic events occur, which give him a chance to remember his whole adult life and the harm he has caused to his loved ones.  Before leaving this world he has a chance to repent, but will he find the strength to do it? 


The film enjoys a very strong rating in IMDB.


The Phantom Carriage (1921) on IMDb



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    Victor Seastrom