Olive Thomas


Directed by                Alan Crosland
Produced by               Myron Selznick
Screenplay by            Frances Marion
Story by                      Frances Marion
Starring                      Olive Thomas, Theodore Westman Jr., William P. Carleton, Katherine Johnston, Arthur Housman
Cinematography        John W. Brown
Distributed by            Selznick Pictures Corporation
Release date                May 10, 1920
Running time              88 mins.
Country                       United States
Language                     Silent, English intertitles


We have included this film in our program to illustrate the work and contributions of our star Olive Thomas.



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"The Flapper" is an entertaining comedy featuring Olive Thomas, who was surely becoming one of the brightest stars in the cinematic sky, only to die prematurely a few months later.  After this film the word "flapper" became synonymous with a young woman trying to break the conventional rules.

Olive Thomas is a bored schoolgirl in a quiet Florida little town, who dreams about thrills and adventures.  Where she lives even having a soft drink with a boy is considered unacceptable, and she constantly gets in trouble for her innocent escapades.   To show her the right way her father transfers her to a boarding school in New York, but this can't stop her from trying to break the rules.

Olive Thomas goes to a dance party with an older man, lying about her real age.  The headmistress gets a tip and is quick to react and discipline the girl, but in her absence a robbery occurs in the boarding house and one of the girls disappears. 

When Olive Thomas is about to leave for Florida on vacation she receives a mysterious telegram to stop by a New York hotel.  There she meets the girl who stole the jewels and her accomplice.  They force her to take the loot with her and hide it until their return.  

Alone with the fancy clothes and jewelry Olive Thomas hatches up a plan to make a practical joke by pretending that she is a grown-up woman with a mysterious double life.  The scheme backfires and she decides to return the loot to the police, which, however, come to believe that she committed the robbery. 

All ends well and she is back to sipping soft drinks with her school admirer.



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   Olive Thomas