Alice Day

Directed by                      Harry Sweet
Produced by                    Mack Sennett Comedies
Starring                           Harry Langdon, Alice Day, Frank J. Coleman, Louise Carver, Madeline Hurlock
Cinematography             George Crocker and WM. Williams
Distributed by                 Pathé Exchange, Inc.
Release date                     August 17, 1924
Running time                   13 minutes
Country                            United States
Language                          Silent film, English intertitles


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We have included this film in our program to illustrate the work and contributions of our star Alice Day.


"The First 100 Years" is a nice Mack Sennett comedy starring Harry Langdon and Alice Day.  Even though only 14 minutes of the original 20 minutes survive, the film is very entertaining with a lot of action, laughs and scares.

The action starts right away with Harry and a big burly guy engaging in a fist fight for Alice on the edge of a precipice.  The big guy is thrown off the cliff, but after landing 150 feet below, he jumps to his feet waiving his fists at Harry.

Then after a brief period of wedding bliss, characterized by washing dishes together, Alice and Harry decide to hire a cook, who does a good job with her duties, but wants to run the show and that is not acceptable for Harry.  He tries to rein her in, but fails miserably.  In the meantime, an old pal of his shows up at their home and starts heaping attention on Alice.  

To avoid further problems, Alice and Harry find another cook, but this only leads to more complications, as this second one takes a big liking to Harry.  She engages in massaging his feet, caressing his hand as if telling fortunes, and getting cozy with him on every occasion.  

Then in the evening strange and scary things start happening.  With power going on and off, and tall bearded ghosts running around, the cook in her scare embraces Harry for protection once again, but when Alice sees that, she decides that she has had enough.  She is about to leave with Harry's old pal, who did not miss an opportunity to show his interest in her.  

Will Alice and Harry be able to patch things up?  Will they get any help from unexpected source? 

The film has a nice rating in IMDB.  Harry Langdon plays a very good role, and Alice Day should be noted for her excellent abilities as a comedy actress.


The First 100 Years (1924) on IMDb


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   Alice Day and Harry Langdon 


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