Helen Gibson in Winning the Franchise 1920 3

   Helen Gibson


Directed by                     Robert Myles
Produced by                   Capital Film Company
Scenario                          Robert Myles
Based on                         a story by R. A. Dillion
Starring                          Helen Gibson, Leo Maloney, Roy Coulson
Cinematography            Carl Widen
Distributed by                Capital Film Company
Release date                    May 3, 1920
Running time                  26 minutes
Country                           United States
Language                         Silent film, English intertitles

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We have included this film in our program to illustrate the work and contributions of our star Helen Gibson.


Let's all give our thanks to Larry Telles for making this film available to the public. Larry authored a book on the life of Helen Gibson. You can buy a DVD with the film here.

In 1915-1917 Helen Gibson starred a serial by the name of "The Hazards of Helen".  She is considered the first professional stunt woman.  Very few of her films survive, so we are happy to be able to show you this rarity.


"Winning the Franchise" is a short action drama. Helen's father is the President of a railroad company competing for a very lucrative government contract.  A rival company organizes sabotage and Helen is the only one who can save the day.


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Leo Maloney and Helen Gibson in Winning the Franchise 1920 6

   Helen Gibson and Leo Maloney


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