Jack Hoxie in Riders of the Law 1922 03

   Jack Hoxie


Directed by                         Robert N. Bradbury
Produced by                       Sunset Productions
Scenario by                         unknown
Cinematography                Bert Longenecker
Starring                               Jack Hoxie, Marin Sais, Frank Rice, Pat Harmon, Thomas Lingham, Jack Pierce
Distributed by                    Aywon Film
Release date                        December 15, 1922
Running time                      51 min.
Country                               United States
Language                             Silent, English intertitles


This Western illustrates the work of Jack Hoxie, a star of Silent Hall of Fame.


Jack Hoxie tries to find a criminal from a broken horseshoe print. In this film he partners with his wife at the time Marin Sais.



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Jack Hoxie and Marin Sais in Riders of the Law 1922 08

   Jack Hoxie and Marin Sais