Martha Mansfield in The Silent Command 1923 18

   Martha Mansfield


Directed by                     J. Gordon Edwards
Produced by                   Fox Film Corporation
Written by                      Anthony Paul Kelly, Rufus King
Starring                          Edmund Lowe, Martha Mansfield, Bela Lugosi, Carl Harbaugh, Betty Jewel, Byron Douglas, Warren Cook
Cinematography            George W. Lane, Bennie Miggins
Distributed by                Fox Film Corporation
Release date                    August 19, 1923
Running time                  80 minutes
Country                           United States
Language                         Silent film, English intertitles


This film illustrates the contributions of  Martha Mansfield, a star of Silent Hall of Fame.


"The Silent Command" (1923) is spy thriller taking place during the construction of the Panama Canal.

Martha Mansfield played an excellent role in this film as the vamp charged with seducing the navy officer.  She was a true rising star, only to die in a freak fire accident three months later. This is Martha Mansfield's last surviving role.




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Bela Lugosi and Martha Mansfield in The Silent Command 1923 13

   Martha Mansfield and Bela Lugosi