A poster for "Trent's Last Case" (1929) starring Marceline Day


Directed by                          Howard Hawks
Produced by                         Fox Film Corporation
Scenario                                Scott Darling
Based on                               the novel Trent’s Last Case by E. C. Bentley
Starring                                Marceline Day, Raymond Hatton, Raymond Griffith, Donald Crisp, Lawrence Gray
Cinematography                  Harold Rosson
Titles by                                Malcolm S. Boylan
Release date                          March 31,1929
Country                                 United States
Language                               Silent film, English intertitles


We have included this film in our program to illustrate the work and contributions of our star Marceline Day.


The Library of Congress has the film "Trent's Last Case" (1929) with a missing reel, and they are ready to make a copy for Silent Hall of Fame.  The cost to acquire the film will be around $1,200. You can help us achieve this goal with your tax-deductible contribution.

As long as the film is not available for viewing, we have to rely on newspaper articles from the 1920ies.  If you have any information about a surviving complete copy of the film please let us know.

Here are just a few of the reviews for this film:

"Trent's Last Case", a thrilling mystery melodrama, featuring an all-star cast, including Marceline Day, Raymond Griffth, Raymond Hatton, Lawrence Gray and Donald Crisp, is a story of a modern Machiavelli, who spins a web that snares himself.  Love and hate come in grips in a death struggle. (Miner)

Absorbing Murder Mystery

Murder mysteries seem to have a strong appeal to the picture-loving public.

Perhaps we all like to shiver at the perils of the innocent heroine, and to enjoy a little polite shuddering as the finger of suspicion sweeps from one character to another. This type of picture is always popular. "Trent's Last Case", which commenced a week's engagement today is in many ways the best of these films yet to reach the screen. A splendid cast,


and a thoroughly absorbing story have much to do with making the production a success. (Mirror)

A year's supply of thrills and shivers, a cast that picture fans will hail with joy and the most baffling murder mystery that yet has come to the screen is "Trent's Last Case". Taken from a novel that has thrilled many thousands of readers, "Trent's Last Case", by E.C. Bentley, the film is a faithful rendition of the original story, plus the increased intensity due to the dramatic possibilities of the screen itself. 

From the opening scenes, with Donald Crisp giving what is perhaps the finest portrayal of his career as the menacing plotter, to the final fadeout, there is literally a "thrill a minute" for the spectators.  Ample comedy is furnished in the person of Raymond Hatton as the irascible old uncle and the lovely Marceline Day is charming and appealing as the harassed wife, while Raymond Griffith makes a notable characterization of the detective. (Morning Bulletin)

In the great mystery play "Trent's Last Case" there is a very clever problem for the audience to test its detective abilities on. The leading lady is the beautiful Marceline Day and the supporting cast includes Raymond Griffith, Raymond Hatton and Donald Crisp. (Chronicle)

A splendid cast is engaged in "Trent's Last Case", which opened at the Majestic Theatre today.  Marceline Day is the star and she is supported by Raymond Hatton (who, after a long series of successful comedies with Wallace Beery, has turned to serious drama), Raymond Griffith ("'He of the High Hat"), Lawrence Gray, Donald Crisp and Nicholas Soussanin. Taken from E. C. Bentley's novel of the same name, the picture is a faithful reproduction of the original, with the added intensity that the screen alone can give.

The theme revolves round the figure of a cripple who plans to shoot himself in such a way that guilt will fall on his wife's lover.  The manner in which the web of circumstantial evidence is tightened and the surprise climax makes the film a leader in its class.  Exciting melodrama is relieved by comedy from Raymond Hatton as an irascible old uncle, while Raymond Griffith makes a notable characterization of the detective in the case.  (Aukland Star)

"Trent's Last Case" is said to be blood-curdling, spine-tingling mystery melodrama with strong love interest, upon which the entire story revolves.  A fiendish husband, misconstruing his wife's affection for his secretary, sets about to destroy both by planning a suicide, which will look like murder. Several surprising twists, which will baffle the most sophisticated of mysteries, reveal the actual murderer in a series of exciting developments and bring about a reunion of the lovers.  Marceline Day and Lawrence Gray, supported by Raymond Griffith and Raymond Hatton, are the players in this drama. (Evening Post)

Tonight Marceline Day will star in "Trent's Last Case", a burning love story and a thrilling mystery.  The flames of passion are quenched by the ice of mystery in a tingling melodramatic story. Raymond Griffith and Raymond Hatton support Marceline Day in this great picture. (The Western Champion)


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