Buster Keaton and Florence Turner


Directed by               James W. Horne and Buster Keaton
Produced by             Joseph Schenck
Scenario by               Bryan Foy, Carl Harbaugh          
Starring                     Buster Keaton, Anne Cornwall, Harold Goodwin, Snitz Edwards, Florence Turner
Cinematography       Bert Haines, Dev Jennings
Distributed by           United Artists
Release date               September 1927
Running time             65 min.
Country                      United States
Language                    Silent film, English intertitles

"College" (1927) is a classic comedy, included in our program to illustrate the work and contributions of our stars Florence Turner and Snitz Edwards.


A young man with no appreciation for sports goes to college to be close to his love interest, but he must become an athlete and prove to her that he is not a weakling.



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   Snitz Edwards and Buster Keaton