Lars Hanson and Greta Garbo


Directed by                     Victor Seastrom (Victor Sjöström)
Produced by                   MGM
Scenario                         Dorothy Farnum
Based on                         the play Starlight by Gladys Unger
Starring                          Lars Hanson, Greta Garbo, Polly Moran
Cinematography            Oliver Marsh
Distributed by                MGM
Release date                    January 14, 1928
Running time                  eight reels, one survives
Country                           USA
Language                         Silent film


"The Divine Woman" is a drama, included in our program to illustrate the work of director Victor Seastrom, a star of Silent Hall of Fame.


Only 9 minutes of the film survive, preserved in a Russian archive.  Lars Hanson is a soldier leaving the country on a military mission and Greta Garbo is his girlfriend who will stay behind. The episode shows their emotions in the parting scene.



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