Snitz Edwards


Directed by                     Paul Sloane
Produced by                   Cecil B. DeMille Pictures
Scenario by                    Garrett Fort
Starring                          Leatrice Joy, Edmund Burns, Bertram Grassby, Snitz Edwards
Cinematography            Arthur Miller
Distributed by                Producers Distributing Corporation
Release date                    January, 1926
Running time                  67 minutes
Country                           USA
Language                        Silent film, English intertitles


"Made for Love" is a drama and romance featuring our star Snitz Edwards.


Leatrice Joy plays a young woman on a visit in Egypt, where her archaeologist fiance (Edmund Burns) digs for ancient artifacts.  She becomes increasingly unhappy after discovering that he dedicates all his time to relics and pays no attention to her.

As Edmund Burns gets closer to the treasures of an ancient pyramid, a gang of locals is determined to stop him.  Suspense builds up as they prepare to blow up the place, rather than let the foreigners have their way. 

Leatrice Joy uses her feminine charms and finds out about the plot. She then rushes to stop Edmund Burns from entering the tomb, which will doom him to death. He, however, brushes her aside and goes inside, and she follows suit.  Soon the place gets blown up and they are entombed, slowly running out of air. Leatrice Joy is happy to have Edmund Burns all for herself in their final minutes.


Snitz Edwards plays Selim, a man in service with Prince Mahmoud (Bertram Grassby), who wants to prevent the foreigners from finding the treasures of the inner tomb.



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   Leatrice Joy and Edmund Burns