Marceline Day and Ramon Novarro 


Directed by               John S. Robertson
Scenario                    Josephine Lovett, from the novel Romance by Joseph Conrad
Cinematography      Oliver Marsh
Starring                     Ramon Novarro, Marceine Day
Distributed by           Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date               9 October 1927
Country                      United States
Language                    Silent, English intertitles


We have included this film in our program to illustrate the work and contributions of two of our stars - actress Marceline Day and director John S. Robertson.

Silent Era lists this film as "survival status: unknown".  It is not available for viewing, so we have to rely on newspaper articles from the 1920ies.  If you have any information about a surviving copy of the film please let us know.

Here are just a few of the reviews for this film:

"The Road to Romance" is a ripsnorting tale of love enfired by Spanish temperaments, menaced by pirate intrigue...  Story hums with action. (Mirror)
Best of pictures on view this week.   Story rich in plot, action and romance.  Novarro gives excellent performance.  Marceline Day lovely.  Will ensure fine hour's entertainment.  (American)
Production of true merit.  Robertson has scored another success.  As for acting, bouquets should be equally distributed.  Novarro proves diverting in swashbuckling role.  Marceline Day so lovely that we don't blame Ramon for enduring so many cinema hardships to win her. (Telegraph)
First rate and engaging version of Conrad novel.  (Telegram)
Striking backgrounds and thrilling sea fights.  Romantic tale, well directed by Robertson. (Journal)
The special attraction tonight will be "The Road to Romance" featuring Ramon Novarro and Marceline Day.  "The Road to Romance" is based on the famous story ''Romance" by Joseph Conrad.  A more adventurous, thrilling and truly romantic picture could not have been chosen for Ramon Novarro, who reached the heights of public esteem by reason of his work in "Ben Hur".  Marceline Day has the leading feminine role opposite Novarro, and plays the part with striking sincerity and charm. (Cairns Post)
Ramon Novarro fully justifies his exalted position on the screen in his newest picture, "The Road to Romance".  Everyone will appreciate this thrilling and highly romantic story from the pen of Joseph Conrad and Ford Maddox Hueffer.  Nothing could be added to the picture to improve its instant, powerful, and lingering appeal.  The story is indeed one to thrill the hearts of young and old alike - a tale of buccaneers and their island lair in the Caribbean Sea, of a scheming Governor, a beautiful girl, a handsome soldier of fortune, who rescues the girl after many bewildering perils, and of sweet, inspiring  love at the finish - which comes all too soon.

In the role of Captain Jose Armando, Ramon Novarro is dashingly brilliant.  He is also the tender devoted lover to the life.  Opposite him, Marceline Day is both talented and winsome. (Northern Argus)
Ramon Novarro plunges into a romantic role, second only to his magnificent performance in the immortal "Ben Hur".  How he travels as an adventurer, how he lands safely from his ship, which the rapacious pirates had captured, how he disguises himself as a pirate, and finds deathless love in saving the life of Serafina (Marceline Day) - these are unforgettable incidents of adventure, peril, and romance that will make "The Road to Romance" live long in memory.  Marceline Day as Serafina is more charming and beautiful than ever. (Sunday Mail)
Ramon Novarro has a romantic role, worthy to succeed that in which he electrified the world with in "Ben Hur".  Marceline Day has the role of Serafina, opposite Ramon Novarro, and makes a very delectable and natural heroine. (The Daily News)
Lovers of stirring, colorful romance have a treat in store tonight, when "The Road to Romance" will be screened.  Based on the famous story "Romance" by Joseph Conrad and Ford Maddox Heuffer, the picture version is faultless - a picturesque, thrilling and romantic piece of entertainment.

An absorbing story is presented with unforgettable realism.  Ramon Novarro is at his best and Marceline Day is ideal as the heroine. (Independent)

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    Marceline Day and Ramon Novarro