Marceline Day in The Boyfriend 1926

   "Marceline Day is not only sitting pretty in the window - she is also sitting pretty at the top of the celluloid ladder, a fact you can discover for yourself  when you see her in "The Boy Friend" (1926)" - a text in Motion Picture Classic below a full-page picture.


Mission Statement

The Mission of Silent Hall of Fame is to engage classic film lovers worldwide in an effort to preserve the names of distinguished silent movie stars for future generations by educating the public about their great artistic legacy and working tirelessly to bring them the full public respect and recognition that they rightfully deserve.


The best way to learn about Silent Hall of Fame and its mission is to watch our multiple award-winning documentary.

What is Silent Hall of Fame?

We are a dedicated team of volunteer silent movie enthusiasts committed to bringing the names and legacy of many distinguished pioneers of motion pictures back from oblivion. We promote specifically the artistic achievements of formerly illustrious personalities from the silent age of movies, which have made a major contribution to the industry and the world but do not have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

We are tired of hearing slogans like "Give Shirley Mason her star", or "Give Marceline Day her star".  Appeals like that are not enough any more. We believe that the time has come to stop talking about it and start doing something about it. We realize that the road ahead may have many challenges, but we are full of determination to forge ahead, because we know that this is the right thing to do.

We believe that the current generation of actors and actresses stand on the shoulders of all those magnificent stars of the past, who worked in difficult conditions without technical tricks to create masterpieces of movie art.  And we believe that many silent pioneers have yet to earn the full public respect, love and recognition that they so rightfully deserve.  This is exactly what we aim to achieve. 

We also believe that the public has the full legitimate right to see the lost and forgotten masterpieces of the Silent Era.  We will defend and promote this right by doing everything possible to recover these masterpieces from the hidden vaults, bring them out into the open, and show them to the world audiences, where they belong.

Why Silent Hall of Fame?

Of course, in our Silent Hall of Fame there will be no place for all those actors, actresses and directors that already have Hollywood stars or Oscars.  We will take care of the overlooked, the under-rated, the under-respected, the under-recognized and the all-but-forgotten stars that we believe have made more than enough "contribution to the motion pictures industry" and should be equally respected and rewarded with fame and recognition.

We cannot do this alone. Every fan can make a contribution to Silent Hall of Fame and help us to revive the names and legacy of our amazing silent stars and bring them belated recognition and glory.  Please see the information on our How You can Help page.


If you would like to contact us by mail, please use the following address:

Silent Hall of Fame
460 Center Street #6054
Moraga, CA 94570


Here is a very efficient way to help Silent Hall of Fame:

Many major employers have programs that match their employees' donations to charitable organizations like Silent Hall of Fame. Such employers are big banks like Bank of America and US Bank, and large companies such as Chevron, Microsoft, etc. If you work for one of these employers and you donate to Silent Hall of Fame your tax-deductible contribution will be doubled and will go a long way towards helping your favorite silent star to receive better public recognition. Here is a list of Companies that Match Donations and/or Volunteer Hours.



    We are a Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation, organized under the Internal Revenue Code section 501(c)(3). 

    With a letter from August 1, 2013 the Internal Revenue Service informed us that we are exempt from Federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and that contributions to Silent Hall of Fame are tax deductible.  Silent Hall of Fame is also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts.

    Silent Hall of Fame is further classified as a public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.




    Three of the stars of Silent Hall of Fame were born in Canada: actress Florence Lawrence, director John Robertson and actress, writer and director Nell Shipman.  As with all our stars, we show their films and aim to bring them the full public recognition that they deserve, including stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  This is why we expect that Canadian silent film lovers will support Silent Hall of Fame.

    We also show films with the brightest star of all - Canadian Mary Pickford.  Furthermore, some sources argue that another star of Silent Hall of Fame, Florence La Badie, was born in Canada, and even call her "a Canadian Movie Icon".


    With a letter from November 20, 2013 the Canada Revenue Agency informed us that Silent Hall of Fame qualifies under Article XXI(1) of the Canada – United States Income Tax Convention (1980) for exemption from Canadian withholding tax. We have been told by the Canada Revenue Agency that if a prospective Canadian donor has further questions about the tax deductibility of contributions to Silent Hall of Fame, they should contact their International Tax Services Office (tel.:1-855-284-5946) and inquire with identification number 172746.  The Canada Revenue Agency is in possession of the Articles of Incorporation of Silent Hall of Fame and the IRS letter granting us a tax exempt and public charity status.