Larry Semon in Slips and Slackers 1917 

   Larry Semon


Directed by                         Larry Semon
Produced by                       Vitagraph Company of America
Scenario by                         C. Graham Baker and Larry Semon
Cinematography                unknown
Starring                              Larry Semon, Nellie Anderson, Harry Hammill, Joe Rock, Earl Montgomery, Pietro Aramondo, Joe Simberg
Distributed by                    Vitagraph Company of America
Release date                       September 10, 1917
Running time                     13 min.
Country                              United States
Language                           Silent

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"Slips and Slackers" is a short comedy directed by, and starring Larry Semon. 


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Larry Semon and Nellie Anderson in Slips and Slackers 1917 04

   Larry Semon and Nellie Anderson


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