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Florence La Badie in "The Woman in White" (1917)


George Eastman House keeps locked in their archives many quality silent films featuring our stars Alice Day, Helen Gibson, Robert Harron, Helen Holmes, Arthur V. Johnson, Florence La Badie, Florence Lawrence, Martha Mansfield, Shirley Mason, Patsy Ruth Miller and Florence Turner.

These films have not been seen by the classic movie lovers in almost a century.  Silent Hall of Fame has asked the George Eastman House for copies of the films, so that we can show them for free to you, our viewers, but we need your help, the help of the public.  


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Marceline Day in "The Cameraman" (1928)

Marceline Day talks on the phone to Buster Keaton
Marceline Day talks on the phone to Buster Keaton, who at the same time is sprinting across town to meet her at her home.
Marceline Dayco-starred with Buster Keaton in the classic romantic comedy "The Cameraman" (1928).  Marceline Day does not have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  At least one blog, named Mythical Monkey, is of the opinion that for her performance in this film Marceline Day should have been selected as the winner of an Oscar in 1928-1929 for Supporting Actress (Comedy/Musical).

A Hidden Gem

Our registered users will have the privilege to see a wonderful film from 1926. It is a critically acclaimed comedy-drama that has not been seen in three generations. The film is not available anywhere: neither on DVD, nor on the internet. We retrieved the film from an archive in a foreign country to bring it back where it belongs: in front of the eyes of the admiring audiences. We are proud to bring this film back from oblivion.

We are excited to show to the world the all-but-forgotten faces of its amazing stars. The 18 year young leading lady delivers the most charming, touching and overall superb acting performance, which brought to the film the highest praise; she is supported by an excellent cast of characters. Silent Hall of Fame is the only place where this outstanding movie can be seen, and in appreciation to our esteemed users we offer it absolutely free.

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Introduction to a Dream

Welcome to Silent Hall of Fame! This is a place where we celebrate the lives and careers of many distinguished personalities from the silent age of motion pictures, which have made a major contribution to the industry and the world, but do not have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Our ever expanding list of stars currently includes actresses Alice Day, Marceline Day, Helen Gibson, Helen Holmes, Edna Purviance, Martha Mansfield, Florence Lawrence, Florence La Badie, Shirley Mason, Patsy Ruth Miller, Olive Thomas, Nell Shipman, Florence Turner, actors Arthur V. Johnson, Robert Harron, Joe Roberts, directors John S. Robertson, Victor Seastrom and cinematographer Billy Bitzer.

This website shows absolutely free to you, the silent film lovers of the world, many high quality films featuring our stars. However, don't take our word for it: our films have earned the high praise of the critics as well.  Many of the movies that we show featuring our stars were added to the National Film Registry as being deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant". Such films are "The Cameraman" (1928), "One Week" (1920), "Cops" (1922), "The Evidence of the Film" (1913) and "Broken Blossoms" (1919), among others.  Many of the movies that we show featuring our stars have earned the admiration of the public, which has given them an outstanding rating of 8.0 or higher in IMDB. Such films are "The Cameraman" (1928), "Orphans of the Storm" (1921), "One Week" (1920), "The Scarecrow" (1920) and "Way Down East" (1920), among others.

Silent Hall of Fame will work tirelessly to preserve the legacy of all those noble stars of the silent era who helped create the motion picture industry, but have yet to be given the full public respect, love and recognition that they so rightfully deserve.  We post biographies and photos of our stars, as well as reviews for their films.  We will show you all available films featuring our stars, which are free from copyright.  We are bringing their names back into the public discourse, and we will make sure that they are never forgotten again.  

The dream of the creator of Silent Hall of Fame is to place a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for all silent movie personalities featured on this website. You can embrace this dream and join us in our tireless efforts to bring the names and legacy of our stars back from oblivion and give them belated recognition and glory.  You can help us make this dream a reality.

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