Marceline Day in That Model from Paris 1926 001 

   Marceline Day


Directed by               Louis J. Gasnier
Produced by             Tiffany Productions
Based on                    the short story “The Right to Live” by Gouverneur Morris
Starring                     Marceline Day, Bert Lytell, Eileen Percy, Ward Crane, Arthur Hoyt
Cinematography       Milton Moore and Mack Stengler
Distributed by           Tiffany Productions
Release date               October 15, 1926
Running time             90 min.
Country                      United States
Language                    Silent film, English intertitles


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We have included this film in our program to illustrate the work and contributions of our star Marceline Day.

    "That Model from Paris" is a touching comedy-drama starring the extraordinary silent movie star Marceline Day. The supporting cast includes Bert Lytell, Ward Crane, Eileen Percy, Arthur Hoyt, Crauford Kent, Otto Lederer, Miss DuPont, George Kuwa and others. The ladies will also be interested in a 1926 dress show coming from France.

    One blogger asserts here that for her performance in "That Model from Paris", in which she played the title role, Marceline Day deserves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

    "That Model from Paris" is a critically acclaimed comedy-drama that has not been seen in 85 years.  The film stars Marceline Day and was directed by Louis J. Gasnier. Here are just a few of the reviews for this film:

    The film will be the special attraction at the Wintergarden. It is one of the most entertaining pictures that has been screened for some time. It is bright, well directed, with a wonderful cast, rich sets, and many wholesome laughs.  The picture is chockful of entertainment, and a great deal of credit is due to the portrayals of the various roles by an unusually good cast of screen favorites.  Marceline Day, who plays the title role, is beautiful, charming, and a screen player of great promise.  The rest of the players are well cast.  The direction is of the best. (Queensland Figaro)

    The story is well plotted, the situations novel, and the picture highly entertaining.  The continuity excellent. (Telegraph)

    Marceline Day is charming, a very good actress and chock full of appeal. (Variety)

    The film is excellent entertainment for any theater. It has spirited action, good characterizations and a human and comical story. (Moving Picture World)

    Pleasing story, nicely told. Light tale that has plenty of attractive angles to entertain general run of audiences.  The film is important in that it brings to the fore a new luminary in the person of Marceline Day in the leading role, that of a drab, unattractive sartorially, and, because of that, physically, cashier who from the chrysalis becomes the most gorgeous and radiant of butterflies. (Motion Picture News)

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025 Marceline Day and Bert Lytell in That Model from Paris 1926

   Marceline Day and Bert Lytell


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