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    You have come to this website, because you like silent films and silent movie stars.  There are many places like this.  But unlike other sites, here at Silent Hall of Fame you can make a real difference.  You can help us show for the first time many films featuring your favorite silent stars that have not been seen in generations.  This will bring their names back into the public discourse.  But you can do much more than that: you can help your favorite silent stars receive belated recognition and glory.

    Until now there has never been an organization with the purpose to place a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for movie personalities from a century ago.  Silent Hall of Fame is this historic organization.  Silent Hall of Fame is the only organization of its kind.  We will make history and we invite you to become a part of history by sponsoring a silent movie star for the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  All contributions are tax deductible.

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Rare Gems on DVD

    Our users have spoken, and we have listened. You want to see rare and hard to find films, and we have created for you the Silent Gems Collection, available on eBay. This DVD collection includes rare and for the first time available films with our stars, as well as other silent masterpieces. These are high quality films that are hard to find anywhere else. Please click on this link to see the collection: Silent Gems Collection

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Important Update:
You don't have to leave our website in order to obtain the films from our Silent Gems Collection. These gems are now available to our users as a reward for donation. For details click here.

 2 Out Yonder 191915 That Model from Paris 192621 For Better  for Worse 191924 The Woman God Forgot 19173 Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall 1924



    We are proud to present to all silent film lovers our multiple award-winning documentary! In March 2015 it won the distinction "Award of Merit" at the San Francisco Film Awards. In May it won the Silver Award at the 2015 International Independent Film Awards. In September 2015 it won the Award of Recognition at the Accolade Global Film Competition. Of equal merit is the inclusion of the documentary in the Official Selection of the San Jose International Short Film Festival in October 2015. In December the documentary won the extremely prestigious Diamond Award at the 2015 California Film Awards. The amazing run of recognition for our documentary continued in 2016. In February it was included in the Official Selection of the Buffalo Niagara International Film Festival.

 Accolade Global Film Competition AwardSan Jose International Short Film FestivalCalifornia Film Awards smallSan Francisco Film AwardsInternational Independent Film Awards

15 That Model from Paris 1926

   Marceline Day in "That Model From Paris" (1926) - DVD cover art



We are offering the rare and hard to find films from our Silent Gems Collection to our users as a reward for donation.  Your support will help Silent Hall of Fame to keep looking for more rare silent treasures and to make them available to the classic film lovers of the world. This will ultimately help your favorite silent movie star to receive better public recognition.

A donation is required to obtain the DVDs on this list. Here is how to earn this privilege:

Step 1: Make a donation (in US dollars) through one of the 'Donate' buttons on the right (required).
Step 2: Send us an email confirming your donation, your DVD choice(s) and your shipping address (required).

Please note our SPECIAL PROMOTION:

1/ D4G1F - Everybody who donates for 4 DVDs will have the right to claim one more DVD absolutely free.
2/ D10G3F - Everybody who donates for 10 DVDs will have the right to claim three more DVDs absolutely free.

As soon as we receive your donation your order will be processed within 5 business days. Shipping within USA is free. International donors will pay actual shipping charges.

Only 30% of the Silent Era films survive and virtually all of these have varying degrees of imperfections. We believe that it is better to show to the film lovers a hundred imperfect films now, than to make them wait for decades to see one perfectly restored film. The films from our Silent Gems Collection vary in print quality from acceptable to very good and excellent. A few films have a grainy image, but are perfectly watchable. A few films miss a scene or two, because some parts of the film are lost. For a detailed description of every film print you can see our Silent Gems Collection on eBay. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

The movies are accompanied by quality music that greatly enhances the viewing experience. Every DVD comes in a slim jewel case and has the cover art exactly as you see it on the photo above.

We will be adding many more rare and hard to find movies, so check back often.  You can also subscribe to our newsletter (on the left-hand side of the page) and receive updates about new additions to our Silent Gems Collection.

Here is the list of the rare and hard to find public domain films on DVD available to users who have made a donation to Silent Hall of Fame:

Movie TitleFeatured Star(s)Donation
      Silent Hall of Fame Documentary (2015) All the stars of Silent Hall of Fame  $25
1.   "Janice Meredith" (1924) Marion Davies, Harrison Ford  $30
2.   "Out Yonder" (1919) Olive Thomas   $30
3.   "Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall" (1924)  Mary Pickford   $30
4.   "Rosita" (1923)  Ernst Lubitsch, Mary Pickford  $30
5.   "The Monastery of Sendomir" (1920) Victor Sjöström  $25
6.   "The Man Without a Country" (1917) Florence La Badie  $30
7.   "His Wonderful Chance" (1920) Eugene O'Brien, Martha Mansfield, Rudolph Valentino  $25
8.   "The Road to Ruin" (1928) Helen Foster, Florence Turner   $25
9.   "Karin, Daughter of Ingmar" (1920)  Victor Sjöström  $30
10.  "The Average Woman" (1924)  Pauline Garon, Harrison Ford   $25
11.  "Ashes of Vengeance" (1923) Norma Talmadge   $30
12.  "Flaming Waters" (1925) Malcolm McGregor, Pauline Garon  $25
13.  "The Rush Hour" (1928) Marie Prevost, Harrison Ford   $25
14.  "Waking Up the Town" (1925) Jack Pickford, Norma Shearer   $25
15.  "That Model from Paris" (1926)  Marceline Day   $30
16.  "Secrets" (1924)  Norma Talmadge, Eugene O'Brien   $30
17.  "The Lady" (1925) Norma Talmadge   $30
18.  "Back Fire" (1922) Jack Hoxie   $25
19.  "The World and Its Woman" (1919)  Frank Lloyd, Geraldine Farrar   $30
20.  "Under Two Flags" (1922) Tod Browning, Priscilla Dean  $30
21.  "For Better, for Worse" (1919)  Cecil B.DeMille, Gloria Swanson   $30
22.  "In Wrong" (1919) Jack Pickford,Marguerite De La Motte   $30
23.  "When Knighthood Was in Flower" (1922) Marion Davies   $30
24.  "The Woman God Forgot" (1917) Cecil B.DeMille, Geraldine Farrar   $30
25.  "Poor Little Peppina"(1916) Mary Pickford   $30
27.  "Molly O'" (1921) Mabel Normand   $30
28.  "A Child of the Paris Streets" (1916) Mae Marsh Robert Harron   $25
29.  "Little Miss Hoover" (1918) John S. Robertson   $30
30.  "Human Hearts" (1922) House Peters, Snitz Edwards   $30
31.  "Betty and the Buccaneers"(1917) Juliette Day   $25
32.  "Beau Revel" (1921)  Lewis Stone, Florence Vidor   $30
33.  "Love's Prisoner" (1919)  Olive Thomas   $30
34.  "Jubilo" (1919) Will Rogers   $25
35.  "A Sporting Chance" (1919) William Russell   $25
36.  "The Vultures of the Coast" (1915) Victor Sjöström  $30
36.  "The Kiss of Death" (1916) Victor Sjöström (in same DVD)
37.  "Vanity Fair" (1915) Shirley Mason   $30
38.  "Jes' Call Me Jim" (1920) Will Rogers, Irene Rich   $30
39.  "East Lynne" (1916) Theda Bara   $30
40.  "Roaring Rails" (1924) Harry Carey   $30
41.   Short Comedies (1904-1926) Alice Day, Florence Lawrence   $30
42.  "The Tiger's Coat" (1920) Lawson Butt, Tina Modotti   $25
43.  "East Side - West Side" (1923) Eileen Percy   $25
44.  "A Clouded Name" (1923) Norma Shearer   $30
45.  "The Spoilers" (1914) William Farnum   $30
46.  "The Safety Curtain" (1918) Norma Talmadge, Eugene O'Brien   $30
47.  "The Man They Could Not Hang" (1921) Australian Silent Crime Drama   $30
50.  "Peg o' My Heart" (1922) Laurette Taylor  $30
51.  "Tess of the Storm Country" (1914) Mary Pickford  $30
52.  "The Love Expert" (1920) Constance Talmadge  $30
53.  "The Isle of Love" (1920) Julian Eltinge, Rudolph Valentino   $25
55.  "The Heart of Wetona" (1919) Norma Talmadge, Thomas Meighan   $25
56.  "The Virgin of Stamboul" (1920) Tod Browning, Priscilla Dean   $25
57.  "Defying Destiny" (1923) Monte Blue, Irene Rich   $30
58.  "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine" (1916) Cecil B.DeMille, Thomas Meighan   $25
59.  "The Seventh Day" (1922) Richard Barthelmess   $25
60.  "Hell Bent" (1918) John Ford, Harry Carey   $25
61.  "Down Home" (1920) Leatrice Joy   $30
62.  "The Untameable" (1923) Gladys Walton, Malcolm McGregor   $30
63.  "The Copperhead" (1920) Lionel Barrymore   $30
64.  "Daughters Who Pay" (1925) Marguerite De La Motte, Bela Lugosi   $30
65.  "The Big Show" (1926) John Lowell   $30
66.  "Reckless Youth" (1922) Elaine Hammerstein   $30
67.  "Huckleberry Finn" (1920) Lewis Sargent, Esther Ralston   $30
68.  "Unseen Forces" (1920) Sidney Franklin, Sylvia Breamer  $30
69.  "The Mating Call" (1928) James Cruze,Thomas Meighan   $30
70.  "Ingmar's Sons" (1919) Victor Sjöström  $30
71.  "College Days" (1926) Marceline Day   $30
72.  "The Last Volunteer" (1914)  Irving Cummings   $25
73.  "The Green Goddess" (1923) George Arliss, Alice Joyce   $30
74.  "What No Man Knows" (1921) Clara Kimball Young   $25
75.  "Maytime" (1923) Harrison Ford, Clara Bow   $30
76.  "The Hidden Way" (1926) Mary Carr   $25
77.  "Forbidden Fruit" (1921) Cecil B.DeMille, Agnes Ayres   $30
78.  "Doctor Nicholson and the Blue Diamond" (1913) Classic Danish Silent Drama   $25
79.  "Crossroads" (1928) Japanese Silent Drama   $30
80.  "The Rat" (1925) Ivor Novello, Mae Marsh   $30
81.  "The Broadway Drifter" (1927) George Walsh   $30
82.  "The Call of the Wilderness" (1926) Lewis Sargent   $25
83.  "The New School Teacher"(1924) Charles 'Chic' Sale   $30
84.  "The Stolen Voice" (1915) Robert Warwick   $25
85.  "Madame Behave" (1925) Julian Eltinge   $25
86.  "The Cheaters" (1929) Australian Silent Crime Drama   $30
87.  "The Hell Ship" (1923) Victor Sjöström   $30
88.  "A Kiss from Mary Pickford" (1927) Russian Silent Comedy   $25
89.  "The Drums of Love" (1928) D.W. Griffith, Mary Philbin   $30
90.  "The Three Passions" (1928) Rex Ingram, Alice Terry   $30
91.  "Laughter and Tears" (1921)   Evelyn Brent   $30
92.  "The Fighting Stallion" (1927) Yakima Canutt   $25
93.  "Is Life Worth Living?" (1921) Eugene O'Brien   $30
94.  "Power" (1928) William Boyd, Alan Hale, Jacqueline Logan   $25
95.  "Ranchers and Rascals" (1925) Leo Maloney   $25
96.  "Cricket on the Hearth" (1923) Josef Swickard   $30
97.  "Hail the Woman" (1921) Florence Vidor, Theodore Roberts   $30
98.  "The Snarl of Hate" (1927) Johnnie Walker   $25
99.  "Topsy and Eva" (1927) Rosetta Duncan   $30
100. "The Broken Mask" (1928) Cullen Landis, Barbara Bedford   $30
101. "The Glorious Adventure" (1922) All-color Silent Swashbuckler   $30
102.  Robert Harron Rare Shorts Robert Harron   $30
103. "Wolfheart's Revenge" (1925) 'Big Boy' Williams   $25
104. "The Claw" (1927) Norman Kerry, Claire Windsor   $25
105. "'Cameo' Kirby" (1923) John Ford, John Gilbert  $30
106. "The Floor Below" (1918) Mabel Normand  $30
107. "Speedy Smith" (1927) Billy Sullivan  $25
108. "When Bearcat Went Dry" (1919) Lon Chaney  $30
109. "Forbidden Paradise" (1924) Ernst Lubitsch, Pola Negri  $30
110. "One Punch O'Day" (1926) Billy Sullivan  $25
111. "Just Suppose" (1926) Richard Barthelmess, Lois Moran  $30
112. "The Woman Disputed" (1928) Norma Talmadge, Gilbert Roland  $30
113. "All Dolled Up" (1921) Gladys Walton, Florence Turner  $30
114. "The Springtime of Life" (1912) Victor Sjöström, Mauritz Stiller  $25
115. "The Bride's Play" (1922) Marion Davies   $30
116. "Money to Burn" (1926) Walter Lang, Malcolm McGregor  $25
117. "The Call of the Klondike" (1926) Gaston Glass, Dorothy Dwan   $25
118. "Yolanda" (1924)  Marion Davies, Holbrook Blinn   $30
119. "The Sign of the Cross" (1914) William Farnum  $30
120. "Love and Journalism" (1916) Mauritz Stiller   $25
121. "The Gown of Destiny" (1917) Alma Rubens   $25 
122. "The Glorious Lady" (1919) Olive Thomas   $30
123. "Cocaine" (1922) British Silent Crime Drama   $30
124. "Homer Comes Home" (1920) Charles Ray   $25 
125. "Trail of the Axe" (1922)  Dustin Farnum   $25 
126. "The Man Beneath" (1919) Sessue Hayakawa, John Gilbert   $30
127. "The Girl from Stormy Croft" (1917) Victor Sjöström   $30 
128. "Julius Caesar" (1914) Italian Silent Drama  $30 
129. "Circus Jim" (1922) Evelyn Brent   $25
130. "The Man without Desire" (1923) British Silent Drama   $30 
131. "The Demon Rider" (1925) Ken Maynard   $25
132. "The Twin Pawns" (1919) Mae Murray   $30
133. "Marked Money" (1928) Junior Coghlan   $25
134. "Comradeship" (1919) British Silent Drama   $30 
135. "Dangerous Days" (1920) Lawson Butt   $30
136. Short Comedies II (1916-1926) Louise Fazenda, Billy West, Oliver Hardy   $30
137. "The Avenger" (1915) Mauritz Stiller   $30 
137. "The Son of Fate" (1915) Mauritz Stiller (in same DVD)
138. "The Other Half" (1919) Florence Vidor   $30
139. "Through the Toils" (1919) Montagu Love  $30
140. "Buried Treasure" (1921) Marion Davies, Norman Kerry   $30
141. "An Even Break" (1917)  Olive Thomas   $30 
142. Short Comedies III (1920-1928) Colleen Moore, Monty Banks, Charley Bowers   $30 
143. "The Grey Automobile" (1919) Mexican Silent Crime Drama   $30
144. "His Birthright" (1918) Sessue Hayakawa   $25
145. "Should a Woman Tell?" (1919) Alice Lake, Jack Mulhall, John Gilbert   $30 
146. "Dangerous Hours" (1919) Lloyd Hughes, Barbara Castleton   $30
147. "Thomas Graal's Best Film" (1917) Victor Sjöström   $25
148. "Unseen Enemies" (1926) Al Hoxie  $25
149. "The ABC of Love" (1919) Mae Murray   $30
150. "Which Shall It Be?"(1924) Willis Marks   $25
151. "Love’s Crucible" (1922) Victor Sjöström   $30
152. "The Little Minister"(1921) Betty Compson, George Hackathorne   $30 


Coming soon:

Road Agent (1926)
A Lover in Pawn (1920)

and many others.




Films included in DVD Short Comedies (1904-1926):

1     Personal (1904)                                                                                 5 m.
2     The lost child (1904)                                                                         6 m.
3     Airy Fairy Lillian Tries on Her New Corsets (1905)                        1 m.
4     Tom, Tom, the Pipers Son (1905)                                                      8 m.
5     Trial Marriages (1907)                                                                     12 m.
6     The Taming of the Shrew (1908) with Florence Lawrence             11 m.
7     Sweet and Twenty (1909) with Mary Pickford, Florence Lawrence 7 m.
8     Her First Biscuits (1909)   with Florence Lawrence                          7 m.
9     A Tin-Type Romance (1910)  with Florence Turner                          8 m.
10   Flo's Discipline (1912)  with Florence Lawrence                             11 m.
11   Big Game (1921)  with 'Snub' Pollard                                               11 m.
12   Spanking Breezes (1926)  with Alice Day                                        20 m.

Total running time 1h. 50 m.

Films included in DVD Robert Harron Rare Shorts (1911-1914):

1    Bobby the Coward (1911)                         14  m.
2    Man's Genesis (1912)                                11  m.
3    The Little Tease (1913)                             17  m.
4    The Reformers (1913)                               20  m.
5    The Yaqui Cur (1913)                               18  m.
6    Brute Force (1914)                                    25  m.
7    Man's Genesis restored excerpt (bonus)     9  m.

Total running time 1h. 54 m.


Films included in DVD Short Comedies II (1916-1926):

1. Bombs and Brides (1916)                25 m.
2. The Feathered Nest (1916)             28 m.
3. His Bread and Butter (1916)            24 m.
4. The Hero (1917)                                18 m.
5. Weak, But Willing (1926)                 11 m.

Total running time 1h. 46 m.


Films included in DVD Short Comedies III (1920-1928):

1. Her Bridal Night-Mare (1920)          35 m.
2. Hold Your Breath (1924)                   32 m.
3. Play Safe (1927)                                22 m.
4. Say Ah-h! (1928)                                14 m.

Total running time 1h. 43 m.

Here is a very efficient way to help Silent Hall of Fame:

Many major employers have programs that match their employees' donations to charitable organizations like Silent Hall of Fame. Such employers are big banks like Bank of America and US Bank, and large companies such as Chevron, Microsoft, etc. If you work for one of these employers and you donate to Silent Hall of Fame your tax-deductible contribution will be doubled and will go a long way towards helping your favorite silent star to receive better public recognition. Here is a list of Companies that Match Donations and/or Volunteer Hours.


     As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the legacy of our stars we seek to recover their rare films from archives in the USA and round the world. We are happy to report that as a result of our extensive research we have found hundreds of films featuring our stars.  All these films are waiting to be reconnected with the public after many, many years.  Most of the movies have not been seen by any silent movie lovers for three or four generations.
    You can help us acquire these films and show them on our website with your tax-deductible contribution.  This will help your favorite silent movie personalities receive better public recognition, and in the future, improve their chances to get a nomination for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Because none of these films are available for viewing anywhere else, this will also help your favorite website, Silent Hall of Fame, become really unique in the quest to bring back from oblivion the names of your favorite silent movie stars.
    Here are some of the films that we located in archives that currently are not available for viewing anywhere.  We want to show them to you, the classic movie lovers of the world:

His New York Wife (1926) featuring our star Alice Day,
Fools of Fashion (1926) featuring our star Marceline Day,
The Black Horse Bandit (1919)  featuring our star Helen Gibson,
Life in the Balance (1915) featuring our star Helen Holmes,
Her Shattered Idol (1915) featuring our star Robert Harron,
Her Child's Honor (1911) featuring our stars Florence Lawrence and Arthur V. Johnson,
Queen of the Moulin Rouge (1922)  featuring our star Martha Mansfield,
Baby Mine (1917) featuring our star John S. Robertson,
The Deerslayer (1913) featuring our star Florence Turner,
Everybody's Sweetheart (1920) featuring our star Olive Thomas,
War and the Woman (1917) featuring our star Florence La Badie,
The Lady of the Photograph (1917) featuring our star Shirley Mason,
Tropical Nights (1928) featuring our star Patsy Ruth Miller.


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