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    We are proud to present to all silent film lovers our multiple award-winning documentary! In March 2015 it won the distinction "Award of Merit" at the San Francisco Film Awards. In May it won the Silver Award at the 2015 International Independent Film Awards. In September 2015 it won the Award of Recognition at the Accolade Global Film Competition. Of equal merit is the inclusion of the documentary in the Official Selection of the San Jose International Short Film Festival in October 2015. In December the documentary won the extremely prestigious Diamond Award at the 2015 California Film Awards. The amazing run of recognition for our documentary continued in 2016. In February it was included in the Official Selection of the Buffalo Niagara International Film Festival.

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   Florence La Badie


Directed by               Ernest C. Warde
Produced by             Thanhouser Film Corporation
Scenario by               Lloyd F. Lonergan, from the novel The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins      
Starring                     Florence La Badie, Richard R. Neill
Cinematography       William M. Zollinger
Distributed by           Pathé Exchange, Incorporated
Release date               July 1, 1917
Running time             1 hour, 8 minutes
Country                      United States
Language                    Silent film, English intertitles


This film is part of our series 'Hidden Gems'. It can be watched by registered users who make a donation. For more details, please click here.


"The Woman in White" (1917) is a drama, included in our program to illustrate the work and contributions of our star Florence La Badie. She died just three months after the film's release as a result of injuries sustained in an auto accident.  She was only 29.


Florence La Badie plays two roles in the film - one is Ann, a sick girl who escapes from an insane asylum, and the other is Laura, the heiress of a large estate nearby.

Laura is an orphaned girl, raised by her uncle.  According to her wishes, she gets an arts teacher and they seem attracted to each other.  One day, however, Laura receives a telegram that a man by the name of Glyde is arriving next morning.  The arts teacher learns that the dying wish of Laura's father was that she marry Glyde.  Despondent, the teacher resigns and leaves.  Laura is heartbroken as well, because she does not love her future husband.

Laura asks Glyde to release her from the engagement, to no avail.  Then she gets a note from the sick girl warning her that Glyde is not the man he appears to be.  He brushes off the note as unimportant and eventually they become man and wife.

They return from honeymoon in the company of a certain doctor.  We learn that Glyde and the doctor are hatching a plot against Laura. Then the sick girl meets Laura and again warns her to distrust her husband.  The doctor, who is constantly spying on Laura, witnesses the encounter.  He then meets Glyde and tells him that the sick girl and his wife look very much alike, and that he has a plan.  The conspirators' intentions receive a boost when the sick girl dies and Glyde's secret, which she wanted to share with Laura, appears to be gone forever.


A special acknowledgement

Let's all give our thanks to Ned Thanhouser for the outstanding work he has done for the past 25+ years in archives around the globe to acquire and publish on DVD and online Thanhouser films starring Florence La Badie. 

You can learn about Ned Thanhouser's new documentary and watch free online full length videos of surviving Thanhouser films featuring other stars here:


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   Florence La Badie and Richard R. Neill


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