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Dear Silent Hall of Fame Users:

    You have come to this website, because you like silent films and silent movie stars.  There are many places like this.  But unlike other sites, here at Silent Hall of Fame you can make a real difference.  You can help us show for the first time many films featuring your favorite silent stars that have not been seen in generations.  This will bring their names back into the public discourse.  But you can do much more than that: you can help your favorite silent stars receive belated recognition and glory.

    Until now there has never been an organization with the purpose to place a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for movie personalities from a century ago.  Silent Hall of Fame is this historic organization.  Silent Hall of Fame is the only organization of its kind.  We will make history and we invite you to become a part of history by sponsoring a silent movie star for the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  All contributions are tax deductible.

   Please use this button for a one-time donation. Use the button on the right-hand side for a recurring donation.


Rare Gems on DVD

Our users have spoken, and we have listened. You want to see rare and hard to find films, and we have created for you the Silent Gems Collection, available on eBay. This DVD collection includes rare and for the first time available films with our stars, as well as other silent masterpieces. These are high quality films that are hard to find anywhere else. Please click on this link to see the collection: Silent Gems Collection

Important Update:

You don't have to leave our website in order to obtain the films from our Silent Gems Collection. These gems are now available to our users as a reward for donation. For details click here.

 Out Yonder 1919The Woman God Forgot 1917That Model from Paris 1926For Better for Worse 1919Dorothy Vernon of Haddon Hall 1924



    We are proud to present to all silent film lovers our multiple award-winning documentary! In March 2015 it won the distinction "Award of Merit" at the San Francisco Film Awards. In May it won the Silver Award at the 2015 International Independent Film Awards. In September 2015 it won the Award of Recognition at the Accolade Global Film Competition. Of equal merit is the inclusion of the documentary in the Official Selection of the San Jose International Short Film Festival in October 2015. In December the documentary won the extremely prestigious Diamond Award at the 2015 California Film Awards. The amazing run of recognition for our documentary continued in 2016. In February it was included in the Official Selection of the Buffalo Niagara International Film Festival.

 San Francisco Film Awards newInternational Independent Film Awards newAccolade Global Film Competition Award newSan Jose International Short Film Festival newCalifornia Film Awards small new


   Alice Day stars in "The Way of the Strong" (1928), directed by Frank Capra.



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Help needed to translate Dutch, German and Russian titles into English

We request the help of bilingual users. We have in our possession rare films made in the USA that have been preserved in foreign archives and do not have English titles. If you are fluent in any of the above languages and in English and would like to make a contribution to Silent Hall of Fame, please contact us.


Please Help Us Find These Films

These are all films that we haven't been able to track down, but they have user ratings in IMDB and/or are known to have been in distribution, so the assumption is that they exist somewhere in private collections.  If you have a video file or a DVD, or a VHS, or 8/16/28/35 mm with any of these films, please share it with us so that we can show the film to the silent movie lovers of the world.  You will make a valuable contribution to Silent Hall of Fame and will help one of our silent movie stars receive belated recognition and glory.  We will give you a credit for your contribution by stating your name for all to see, with special thanks.  In addition, if you send us an original copy of the film as a donation, you may be able to reduce your taxes on your next year's tax return.

It is worth noting here that only because a particular film has user ratings in IMDB that doesn't mean that it exists, or that it has been seen in the last few decades.  Such is the case with The Big City (1928) and  London After Midnight (1927), both starring Lon Chaney and Marceline Day.  The last known copies of both films were lost in a MGM fire in 1967.  However, it is possible that these two and many other films may still be found in private collections.

It is also possible to find rare films locally. Please visit your neighborhood video store that offers classic and silent films, take the List of Rare Films with you and check if they have any of them available.  If you are able to locate any of these rare movies you will make a valuable contribution to Silent Hall of Fame and help your favorite silent movie star receive better recognition.  We will give you a special thanks and post your name for all to see and admire.


Here are a two examples of why we believe that many of these films can be located:

1/ a 16 mm or 8 mm film of The Way of the Strong (1928) was available in the 1970ies and 1980ies from a company called Kit Parker Films. So for a period of time it was in circulation and people did buy it.  This is why we believe that with the help of our users we can find this film.

2/ 16 mm or 8 mm films of The Wife's Relations (1928) and The New Teacher (1922) were available in the 1970ies and 1980ies from a company called Mogull's Films. We hope that someone will share these films with us.

Of course, you can also contribute any other silent films featuring our stars, which we currently don't stream and are not listed on this page. We would also welcome films featuring other silent personalities, especially those movies that have survived only in private collections and have been unavailable to the public.  As far as the films that we stream are concerned, if you have  film copies with better quality than the ones that we have on the site, please share them with us.

We will be adding many more currently unavailable and rare films, so please check back often.  You can download a printable file with these movies by clicking on this List of Rare Films


Movie Title  Featured Star(s)
Rookies (1927)
Marceline Day
The Way of the Strong (1928) Alice Day
Shanghaied Lovers (1924) Alice Day
The Gorilla (1927) Alice Day
Drag (1929) (silent version) Alice Day
Skin Deep (1929) (silent version) Alice Day
Little Johnny Jones (1929) (silent version) Alice Day
The Wolverine (1921) Helen Gibson
The Battle of the Sexes (1914) Robert Harron, Billy Bitzer
Lord Jim (1925) Shirley Mason
So This is Love? (1928) Shirley Mason
The Bright Shawl (1923) John S. Robertson
The Fighting Blade (1923) John S. Robertson
Shanghai Lady, silent version (1929) John S. Robertson
Name the Man (1924) Victor Seastrom, Patsy Ruth Miller
The Follies Girl (1919) Olive Thomas
Treasure Island (1920) Shirley Mason
Fool's Gold (1919) Florence Turner
The Deerslayer (1913) Florence Turner
Taming a Husband (1910) Florence La Badie, Arthur V. Johnson
The Broken Cross (1911) Florence La Badie
A Man from Nowhere (1920) Jack Hoxie
Johnny Get Your Gun (1919) Jack Hoxie 
Barb Wire (1922) Jack Hoxie
Don Quickshot of the Rio Grande (1923) Jack Hoxie
Lady Helen's Escapade (1909) Florence Lawrence, Billy Bitzer
Stolen Love (1928) Marceline Day
Detectives (1928) Marceline Day
Trent's Last Case (1929) Marceline Day
A Single Man (1929) Marceline Day
The Big City (1928) Marceline Day
London After Midnight (1927) Marceline Day
Concealing a Burglar (1908) Florence Lawrence, Arthur V. Johnson,
Billy Bitzer
The Warrens of Virginia (1924) Martha Mansfield
Omar the Tentmaker (1922) Patsy Ruth Miller
Whispering Winds (1929) Patsy Ruth Miller
The Drivin' Fool (1923) Patsy Ruth Miller
Singer Jim McKee (1924) Patsy Ruth Miller
Painting the Town (1927) Patsy Ruth Miller
The Gate Crasher (1928) Patsy Ruth Miller
The New Teacher (1922) Shirley Mason
The Wife's Relations (1928) Shirley Mason
Ladies Must Live (1921) Snitz Edwards
The White Desert (1925) Snitz Edwards
The Wanderer (1925) Snitz Edwards
A Lover's Oath (1925) Snitz Edwards
Three Friends (1913) Billy Bitzer 
Volcano (1926) Snitz Edwards


We a re looking for these films with Larry Semon:

The Fiddler    1915       
A Jealous Guy    1916       
A Villainous Villain    1916       
Hash and Havoc    1916       
Help! Help! Help!    1916       
His Conscious Conscience    1916       
Jumps and Jaelousy    1916       
Losing Weight    1916       
Love and Loot / An Amateur at Heart    1916       
More Money Than Manners    1916       
Out Ag'in in Ag'in    1916       
Rah! Rah! Rah!    1916       
Romance and Rough House    1916       
Sand Scamps and Strategy    1916       
Shanks and Chivalry    1916       
She Who Last Laughs    1916       
Terry's Tea Party    1916       
The Battler    1916       
The Man from Egypt    1916       
There and Back    1916       
Tubby turns the Tables    1916       
Walls and Wallops    1916       
Bears and Bullets / Bullies and Bullets    1917       
Big Bluffs and Bowling Balls    1917       
Boasts and Boldness    1917       
Bombs and Blunders    1917       
Chumps and Chances    1917       
Cops and Cussedness    1917       
Dubs and Drygoods    1917       
Flatheads and Flivvers    1917       
Footlights and Fakers    1917       
Gall and Golf     1917       
Guffs and Gunplay    1917       
Hazards and Homeruns    1917       
He Never Touched Me    1917       
Jolts  and Jewelry    1917       
Masks and Mishaps    1917       
Noisy Naggers and Nosey Neighbors    1917       
Pests and Promises    1917       
Plans and Pajamas    1917       
Rips and Rushes                  1917       
Risks and Roughnecks    1917       
Roughtoughs and Rooftops    1917       
Shells and Shivers    1917       
Slips and Slackers    1917       
Somewhere In Any Place    1917       
Speed and Spunk    1917       
Spooks and Spasms    1917       
Sports and Splashes    1917       
Turks and Troubles    1917       
Worries and Wobbles    1917       
Babes and Boobs / Babes and Bombs    1918       
Boodle and Bandits    1918       
Guns and Greasers    1918       
Hindoos and Hazards    1918       
Huns and Hyphens    1918       
Meddlers and Moonshiners    1918       
Mutts and Motors    1918       
Romans and Rascals    1918       
Rooms and Rumors    1918       
Rummies and Razors    1918       
Skids and Scalawags    1918       
Spies and Spills    1918       
Stripes and Stumbles    1918       
Whistles and Windows    1918       
Passing The Buck    1919       
The Head Waiter    1919       
The Simple Life    1919       
Traps and Tangles    1919       
Well, I'll be    1919       
Solid Concrete    1920       
The Stage Hand    1920       
The Fall Guy    1921       
The Hick    1921       
The Midnight Cabaret    1923       
Trouble Brewing    1924       
Oh What A Man    1927       
Pass The Dumplings    1927       
The Plumber's Daughter    1927       
The Stunt Man    1927    


More films with Florence Lawrence, all of which have a viewer rating in IMDB:

The Boy, the Bust and the Bath (1907)
Daniel Boone (1907)
The Clubman and the Tramp (1908)
The Christmas Burglars (1908)
The Girl and the Outlaw (1908)
After Many Years (1908)
The Heart of O'Yama (1908)
Ingomar, the Barbarian (1908)
Behind the Scenes (1908)
The Devil (1908) 
The Ingrate (1908)  
A Smoked Husband (1908)
Salome (1908) Vitagraph
The Reckoning (1908)
The Red Girl (1908)
Romeo and Juliet (1908) Vitagraph
A Wreath in Time (1909)
The Wooden Leg (1909)
The Winning Coat (1909) 
Two Memories (1909)
Those Boys! (1909) 
Tis an Ill Wind That Blows No Good (1909)
Trying to Get Arrested (1909)
The Slave (1909)   
The Sacrifice (1909)
Mrs. Jones Entertains (1909)
Mrs. Jones' Lover (1909)
The Note in the Shoe (1909)
The Peachbasket Hat (1909)
The Prussian Spy (1909)
The French Duel (1909) 
His Ward's Love (1909)  
Eradicating Aunty (1909)  
A Baby's Shoe (1909)
Eloping with Auntie (1909)
The Deception (1909)
His Wife's Mother (1909)
The Brahma Diamond (1909)
The Jilt (1909)
A Wreath In Time (1909)
The Drive for a Life (1909)
Jones and His New Neighbors (1909)
Jones and the Lady Book Agent (1909)

More films with Arthur V. Johnson, all of which have a viewer rating in IMDB:

The Feud and the Turkey (1908)
The Test of Friendship (1908)
The Day After (1909)
His Ward's Love (1909)
Tragic Love (1909)
The Trick That Failed (1909)
A Troublesome Satchel (1909) 
Tender Hearts (1909)    
One Touch of Nature (1909)
The Two Brothers (1910)


More films with Robert Harron, all of which have a viewer rating in IMDB:

The Valet's Wife (1908)
Billy's Stratagem (1912)


Here is a very efficient way to help Silent Hall of Fame:

Many major employers have programs that match their employees' donations to charitable organizations like Silent Hall of Fame. Such employers are big banks like Bank of America and US Bank, and large companies such as Chevron, Microsoft, etc. If you work for one of these employers and you donate to Silent Hall of Fame your tax-deductible contribution will be doubled and will go a long way towards helping your favorite silent star to receive better public recognition. Here is a list of Companies that Match Donations and/or Volunteer Hours.

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